Logo Usage Guidelines

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The logos and the photographs must be used exactly as provided by Kerrick, with no changes. All logos must be displayed in their entirety. Changes that distort, remove, modify, or animate the logos themselves or any of their design elements or incorporated text, including but not limited to the colour, the proportion, the artwork, or the trademark symbols are strictly prohibited.

Minimum clearance must be maintained between the logo and the other elements. Clear space around the logo should be equal to one half the height of the logo, including any text incorporated into the logo.

The Kerrick device is a registered property of Kerrick Industries Limited.

  • New Zealand Trade Mark Registration Number: 250793 Class 7
  • Australian Trade Mark Registration Number: 665570 Class 7


Technical Colour Details of the Logo:
  • Red:
    - PMS: 032 Red
    - RGB: 204-0-0
    - Hex: #CC0000
  • Blue:
    - PMS: 300 Blue
    - RGB: 0-114-198
    - Hex: #0072C6


The following byline is currently in use with the logo as follows:

New Zealand: Tough Machines Real Results

Australia: Power & Passion


Incorrect/Obsolete Usage of Kerrick Logos

The following ways of representing the Kerrick logos are inappropriate and should not be used.

k emblem

 The Kerrick "K" emblem should never be used on its own or be of a different proportion than that of the originals.


kerrick wrong

 This is a wrong way of representing the Kerrick logo and should never be used.


kerrick old2

 This logo is obsolete and no longer in use.


kerrick old3

 This logo is obsolete and no longer in use.




Download High Resolution Logos

The following files are available for use in printing and/or the web and must be used with the above guidelines in consideration.



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