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Rotating Nozzles

Popular nozzles in the ENZ Rotating Nozzle range are the: RGS (cleaning perforated drain and lateral pipes, solid deposits and wet wells); HRH (cleaning pipes for TV inspection, removing mineral deposits, grease, sludge and fine roots); HRV (core-flushing steel pipes during hydraulic thrust-boring and cleaning residential lateral pipes); KBVR (removing semi-hard deposits, cleaning heat exchangers, grease lines and residential pipes); Bulldog Antiblast (no pressure equalisation through stench traps or toilets, all-around cleaning); Rotopuls (removing middle-hard deposits); and Propeller (cleaning large pipes).

There are many more rotating nozzles in this range. Kerrick has specialists on hand who can help you choose the correct nozzle for your application, simply drop into your local branch for more details.

Part No.:
Usage rating: Usage Rating 10
Max. Pressure Range 200 - 350 bar
Weight Range 0.02 - 136 kg
Diameter Range 12 - 1385/1985 kg

  • 100% manufactured in Switzerland
  • Innovative, hi-tech nozzles
  • Wide range of products to suit all applications

1 Year Domestic Warranty NZ

1 Year Domestic Warranty NZ

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