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Kerrick builds and supplies heavy duty cold water petrol water blasters that suit a wide variety of applications. Our cold water pressure cleaners are designed to meet the high standards of New Zealand’s construction, contracting, plumbing and hire industries. We supply tough machines that get real results and we're proud of that.

Kerrick also has the ability to custom build pressure washers with flows of up to 200 litres+ per minute that can be skid, trailer, truck or ute mounted view our Custom Builds Blog for details. For more information drop into your local branch or contact us via the website.

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  • Hyqua Blitz Cat 3000 PPS3030KCI KI Water Blasters
    Hyqua Blitz Cat 3000 psi Water Blaster
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  • Hyqua Blitz Cat 4200 PPS4042HCI-KI Water Blaster
    Hyqua Blitz Cat 4200 psi Water Blaster
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  • BIH 6.5 Petrol Water Blaster
    BIH6.52213 Water Blaster 2200 psi
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  • RFP 3021T Petrol Water Blaster
    RFP3021T Water Blaster 3000 psi
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  • Contractor 5000 Petrol Water Blaster
    Contractor 5000 psi Water Blaster
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