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Hyqua Blitz Cat 4200 psi Water Blaster

A grunty machine for REAL MEN, this water blaster won’t let you down when you need it most. In fact we went back to the drawing board and found out what customers really want from a petrol water blaster and that’s reliability, easy maintenance and efficient cleaning. Packing a CAT pump and Honda motor the Hyqua Blitz Cat 4200 psi water blaster is as reliable and efficient as they come.

Features include the awesome cleaning power of 4,200 psi at 14.8 l/min, a robust aircraft grade aluminium frame with heavy duty tyres and anti-vibration feet, adjustable unloader, thermo sensor and low oil shut down. This unit can handle everything from wash downs and descaling to surface preparation and property maintenance. Need more info? Contact the team on 0800 253 774 or via the website.

Part No.: #PPS4042HCI-KI
Usage rating: Usage Rating 10
Pressure 290 Bar (4200psi)
Flow 14.8 lpm
Motor Honda Petrol, 0HP
Pump Make Cat Pumps
Pump Speed 3400 RPM
Max Temperature Cold Water
HPHose Type 3/8 in two wire braid
HPHose Length 15m
Fuel Tank Size 6.1L
Frame Type Aircraft grade aluminium, anti-vibration feet
Wheels 2
Weight 60kg

  • Genuine Honda GX engine and Cat pump
  • Aircraft grade aluminium frame
  • Dual padded shock absorbing feet
  • Low pressure chemical pick up
  • Large pneumatic tires for easy movement
  • Gun, lance and quick change nozzles

  • Optional whirlaway
  • Turbo nozzle
  • Extesnion lances
  • Sandblasting kit
  • Sewer hose
  • Longer hose lengths available

1 Year Commercial Warranty NZ

1 Year Commercial Warranty NZ

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