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Single Phase Hot Water Pressure Washer - Hotshot 1740 psi

Simply put the Hotshot 1740 psi is German Hot Water Pressure Washer engineering at its finest. Equipped with diesel burners that heat water up to an incredible 150°C in 90 seconds, this is a very time efficient piece of equipment.

This hot water pressure washer eliminates the need for harsh chemicals, as the combination of hot water and steam with 1740 psi at a flow of 12 litres per minute makes quick work of greasy, grimey builds, leaving surfaces clean and residue free.

Safety features include: TTS - System with Pump-Off 40 second, 230 volt controls, earth leakage recognition, low water cut off, low fuel cut off, flame-monitor with Photo-Cell. 

Part No.: #EHD 723E
Usage rating: Usage Rating 10
Pressure 120 Bar (1740psi)
Flow 12 lpm
Motor Electric, 4.2kW
Voltage Single Phase, 230V 50Hz
Pump Make Interpump
Pump Speed 1450 RPM
Max Temperature 150 °C
HPHose Type 3/8 in single wire braid
HPHose Length 10m
Detergent Tank Size 20L
Fuel Tank Size 25L
Frame Type Epoxy powder coated steel
Wheels 4
Weight 160kg

  • Delayed stop & automatic restart
  • Low fuel  and low water protection
  • Burner delay (low emission)
  • Portable trolley - four solid 250 mm wheels
  • High pressure detergent injection - dual system
  • 20L detergent tank & 25L fuel tank
  • Hour counter 
  • Flame monitoring photo cell
  • 1200mm lance / 15º nozzle

  • Turbo lance 
  • Extension lances
  • Extra lengths of high pressure hose

1 Year Commercial Warranty NZ

1 Year Commercial Warranty NZ

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