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3 Phase Hot Water Pressure Cleaner - Hotshot 3300 psi

Just like the Germans that built it, this hot water pressure cleaner is a professional unit that means business and packs a hefty punch of 3340 psi at 17 l/min. Cutting straight to the point it heats water up to an 150°C in just seconds, so you can get the work done quicker.

Practically designed this unit acts as a hot water pressure cleaner, steamer and cold water blaster, providing great value for money. It also offers leakage detection, low water indication, fuel shortage protection, total stop and the list goes on….This hot water pressure cleaner cuts through grease, grime and sugars in no time at all making it ideal for industrial applications like equipment wash down, dairy shed and piggery cleaning as well as cleaning and sanitizing equipment in the hire industry. 

Part No.: HD1140E
Usage rating: Usage Rating 10
Pressure 230 Bar (3340psi)
Flow 17 lpm
Motor Electric, 7.5kW
Voltage Three Phase, 400V 50Hz
Pump Make Interpump
Pump Speed 1450 RPM
Max Temperature 150 °C
HPHose Type 3/8 in two wire braid
HPHose Length 10m
Detergent Tank Size 20L
Fuel Tank Size 25L
Frame Type Portable
Wheels 4
Weight 160kg

  • Delayed stop and low fuel protection
  • Burner delay (low emission)
  • Combustion air preheating and fuel preheating
  • Portable trolley
  • Detergent injection high pressure
  • 20L detergent tank and 25L fuel tank
  • Brass pump head and ceramic pistons

  • Hose reel
  • Adjustable nozzle 
  • Sandblasting kit 
  • Foam gun 
  • Turbo lance
  • Drain cleaning kit 
  • Steam nozzle 

1 Year Commercial Warranty NZ

1 Year Commercial Warranty NZ

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