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High Pressure Hose Safety Shroud

Hoses and couplings break, often very close to the operator and at sensitive areas of the body, like the abdomen, armpit or neck (areas which are typically difficult to protect properly).

Kerrick's High Pressure Hose Safety Shroud from Sweden is placed at the top end of the hose, flush against the gun, where the hose is most likely to break and strapped into place to sit snugly over the coupling. Should the hose burst or coupling break, the water jet is deflected by the hose shroud and re-directed at a lower pressure from either end of the shroud, protecting the operator from the initial impact of the jet.  

Offering protection to 500 bar this is an inexpensive and effective means of reducing risk when working with high pressure fluids.

Part No.: PO5660045 5920
Usage rating: Usage Rating 10
Safety Rated 500 bar (7500 psi)
Strap Adjustable
Length 750mm
Diameter 41mm
Weight 0.2kg

  • Rated to 500 bar / 7500 psi for added protection
  • Limits risk in areas known to frequently fail or burst
  • Fits most high pressure hoses
  • Lightweight and flexible for easy movement
  • Manufactured with Fiber Dyneema (15 x Stronger than steel)

1 Year Commercial Warranty NZ

1 Year Commercial Warranty NZ

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