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All Purpose Heavy Duty Trailer Pressure Washer

Kerrick has built a number of heavy duty, trailer pressure washers for the hire industry over the years for use across a wide range of applications such as building maintenance, equipment wash downs, driveway and car park cleaning.

Durability, ease of use and ease of maintenance are key requirements for these heavy duty diesel pressure washer trailers as these machines lead a hard life and are frequently used by inexperienced individuals. Features include quality Italian pumps operating at 3000psi with a flow of 30 l/min (an ideal combination for use across various applications). Low speed, belt driven pumps are connected to air cooled diesel engines (making them ideal for heavy duty work and hard wear and tear).  Read a case study on trailers we've built for Hirepool.

Part No.: ZJOB2578
Usage rating: Usage Rating 10
Pressure 206 bar (3000 psi)
Flow 30 l/min
Motor Diesel, 28.5HP
Pump Make Hawk or Interpump
Water Tank 450 l
Gun and Lance Provided as standard
Hose Reels 1 High Pressure, 1 Low Pressure
Hose Length & Type Customisable
Frame Type Galvanized Trailer

  • Easy to use, operator friendly design & functionality
  • Heavy duty, easy to maintain machinery
  • Highly durable Italian low speed plunger pump
  • Belt driven, air cooled diesel engine (ideal for heavy duty use)
  • 3000 psi at 30 l/min (ideal pressure & flow combination for use across various applications)

  • Turbo nozzle
  • Extension lances up to 7.3m (18' & 24')
  • Drain cleaning kit
  • Sandblasting kit
  • Additional hose lengths & joiners
  • Whirl-a-way surface cleaners

1 Year Commercial Warranty NZ

1 Year Commercial Warranty NZ

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