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Mobile Surface Preparation Jetter

Kerrick has designed and built an ultra high pressure (UHP) water jetting unit with an electrically braked trailer to strip coatings and corrosion from tanks and steel structures in preparation for painting.

The pumpset is a Hughes Ultrabar 24 DRT which performs at 23 l/m with 40,000 psi and includes an on-board 50cfm air compressor to drive 2 jetting guns. The unit also had twin air driven rotary guns and tumble boxes allowing two operators to work independently of each other.

Units like these are also occasionally used for hydro-demolition (concrete cutting) where very precise, controlled cutting is required without damage to steel reinforcing bars. Read the case study on this product here.

Part No.:
Usage rating: Usage Rating 10
Pressure 2,757 bar (40,000 psi)
Flow 23 l/min
Pump Hughes Ultrabar 24 DRT
Air Compressor 50 cfm
Jetting Guns Air driven, Rotary
Frame Type Powder coated, trailer with brakes

  • Powerful 40,000 psi with 23 l/min flow easily strips coatings and corrosion
  • Twin rotary guns and tumble boxes allow two operators to work independently
  • Trailer mounted and electrically braked
  • Entire system enclosed under a powder coated steel cover for added protection
  • Easy access for maintenance

  • StoneAge Barracuda Nozzles
  • StoneAge Spitfire Nozzles

1 Year Commercial Warranty NZ

1 Year Commercial Warranty NZ

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