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Cat Pumps

If you are looking for the best high pressure pumps in the industry, then Cat Pumps are what you need. Cat pumps have earned the reputation of being the longest lasting pumps across hundreds of different applications. You will find them in

  • Odor control misting of liquid, hazardous waste and dump sites
  • Sanitizing restaurants, fast foods, veterinary clinics, hospitals, and park facilities
  • Water jetting, drain cleaning, surface cleaning and sewer cleaning
  • Cleaning felt screens in a paper mill, conveyors in food processing, and bakeries
  • Lubricant/coolant flushing in a camshaft grinding plant
    Cat pump
  • Misting and humidification in a nursery or greenhouse
  • Temperature control misting for cattle, fowl and equestrians
  • De-boning in poultry and ham processing plants
  • Injecting fertilizers and pesticides
  • Re-injecting wastewater to increase oil production
  • Desalination with high pressure reverse osmosis
  • Mass transit cleaning, buses, trucks, trains, heavy equipment, aircraft, and ships
  • In-plant central cleaning and fire protection
  • Emergency cooling and nuclear reactor cleaning

Cat Pumps places a priority on quality design and manufacturing. All components are carefully monitored during manufacturing and held to specified tolerances. Every pump is tested as a final step to the quality production process to assure long performance and minimal maintenance. In keeping with their commitment to quality, Cat Pumps are pleased to announce that manufacturing facilities used by Cat Pumps are ISO 9001 certified.

Cat pumps are performing in thousands of applications and have proven to be long lasting under the harshest conditions. Cat pumps extensive line of pumps allows you to select the right pump for the application, whether it's a portable stainless steel direct drive unit, a multiple pump Power Units or a custom designed pump, if the right pump is not on the shelf. For the production line supervisor, this means increased uptime and optimum production rates.  For the service manager, this means scheduled routine maintenance, not unexpected emergency repairs and unplanned costs. For the system designer, it means a pump that meets his continuous performance specifications without making compromises.

High quality materials such as 316 S.S., 3150 Chrome-moly, Nitronic-50, Viton, Teflon, EPDM, Nickel Aluminum Bronze and solid ceramic plungers are designed into Cat pumps to withstand the most punishing applications. Their specially formulated, exclusive, Hi-Pressure Seals and our 100% concentrically ground, hardened, polished solid ceramic plungers offer unmatched performance and service life. This long life performance is the most meaningful measure of value. That's why we can say that Cat pumps are the least costly pump you'll ever own.

We've selected the most popular Cat Pumps and categorised them in the tabs that run across the top of the page. To view the range, simply work your way along the tabs, each tab lists the relevant pumps to that category in a table which can easily be sorted. This range is only representative of what Kerrick and Cat can provide, if you can't find what you're looking for, get in touch with Kerrick and we'll attempt to source the right Cat pump for your needs. 


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