Hydro Excavation Lances

Male Ended Hydro Excavation Lance


Max. Pressure 6000 psi
Fittings Male
Material Stainless Steel
Thermo Grip None
Lengths (can be joined together) 1m

Kerrick carries a range of stainless steel lances that have been custom manufactured in New Zealand with hydro excavation work in mind. Available in 1m, 1.5m and 2 meter lengths with male ends, these lances can be fitted to standard shut off guns and can handle pressures of up to 6000 psi.

Unlike traditional lances the thermo grips have been removed allowing operators to access hard to reach areas such as under footpaths and between posts. In addition Kerrick can join lances together to meet individual customer requirements. For more information contact your local Kerrick branch.

Part No.:
Usage rating: Usage Rating 10


  • Robust stainless steel
  • Thermo grip free allowing better access
  • Customisable lengths
  • Rated up to 6000 psi


1 Year Commercial Warranty NZ