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RIPSAW #12 – Hydro Excavation Nozzle

Complete jobs faster with more runtime and less downtime. The RIPSAW nozzle is new to the NZ market and specially designed for hydro excavation and non-destructive digging. With flows ranging between 22.7 - 40.5 LPM the RIPSAW #12 blasts a zero degree pattern at up to 3200 PSI while rotating at high speed with an 18°cone of coverage.

Constructed with a stainless steel housing and tungsten carbide surfaces to withstand harsh environments and provide longer life than ceramic nozzles. They also have a non-conductive urethane coating for added protection against electrical hazards. Repair kits are also available for extended life and lower operating costs. Watch a video of the RIPSAW in a field test vs competitors here, or in a side by side competitor test in a laboratory.

Part No.:
Usage rating: Usage Rating 10
Min. Inlet Pressure 69 bar (1,000 psi)
Max. Inlet Pressure 220 bar (3,200 psi)
Max. Water Temp. +82'C (180'F)
Housing Material Stainless Steel
Coating Material Urethane
Nozzle Tip Material Tungsten Carbide Inlet
Connection Thread 1/2" NPT
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  • Completes jobs faster than traditional nozzles (see video)
  • Cone-shape jet pattern ideal for potholing applications
  • Durable stainless steel housing with tungsten carbide wear surfaces
  • Non-conductive urethane coat on nozzle body protects operators from electrocution
  • Repair kits available to extend product life and reduce operating costs

  • Repair Kit (Part # 1001858-120)
  • Guns
  • Lances
  • High pressure hose

1 Year Commercial Warranty NZ

1 Year Commercial Warranty NZ

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