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Vegas 202 Commercial Vacuum Cleaner

Easy to use and easy to maintain the Vegas 202 is a popular commercial vacuum cleaner with contract cleaners operating in offices and malls. Manufactured in Italy this powerful 1300 watt vacuum cleaner features a water lift of 2870 mm and airflow of 3500 l/min.

The Vegas 202 commercial vac is equipped with a furniture bump base that protects furniture from dents when bumped by the vacuum cleaner, making it ideal for commercial work. It also has ‘Follow me’ wheel design allowing operators to move freely around the room with the vacuum following close behind. Other features include an on board tool caddy, fold down handle, improved cable stowage and restraint. Limited stock available. Call us for a deal!

Part No.: VH0202 VEGAS
Usage rating: Usage Rating 10
Vacuum Type Dry Only
Motor 1x 1300W, Flow thru
Voltage Single Phase, 230V 50Hz
Vacuum Airflow 3500l/m
Water Lift 2870mm
Filtration Level 20-25 micron
Tank 17L High-impact PVC
Castor Wheels 2
Solid Wheels 2
Toolset Size 36mm
Vacuum Hose Length 2.5m
Cable Length 8m

  • Improved safety through:  cable stowage hook and cable restraint of the eight metre power cord
  • Castor  bumper base provides furniture protection
  • On board tool caddy
  • "Follow me" wheel design
  • Fold down handle
  • 24 micron cloth Sanifilter
  • Flexible vaccum hose 2.5m (32mm)
  • Full tool set as standard (36mm)

  • Disposable paper dust collection bags
  • Air driven turbo head floor tool
  • Longer lengths of vacuum hose

1 Year Commercial Warranty NZ

1 Year Commercial Warranty NZ

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