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New to the New Zealand market Kerrick has a brand new range of gutter vacuums / roof vacuums.These industrial and commercial grade vacuums provide lightweight, safe and easy access to roofs, gutters, air conditioning vents, signage and more. The revolutionary new SkyVacuum system allows operators to safely carry out cleaning at extreme heights. Simply attach the relevant poles and nozzles to the vacuum hose to get the reach required, no longer is there a need for ladders, scaffolding and cherry pickers which pose serious OSH risks.

The Kerrick SkyVacuum system combines carbon fiber poles with quality Italian designed vacuum cleaners and practical tooling for various cleaning jobs. The lightweight carbon fiber poles mean operators have easy manoeuvrability and suffer less fatigue than with traditional fiberglass and stainless steel poles. It's no wonder the SkyVac system is becoming one of New Zealand's favourite gutter cleaning tools. 

Watch the video on what the benefits of owning a SkyVac are, how to set up your SkyVac, as well as great promo video to show your customers as a sales tool.

New Zealand gutter cleaners and contract cleaners have been crying out for a safe, practical and lightweight solution to vacuum gutters and roofs for years and Kerrick finally has the answer. For more details contact your local Kerrick branch via the website or on 0800 253 774.

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  • Internal 30 SkyVac High Reach Vacuum Cleaner
    SkyVac - Internal 30 (Dry)
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  • Commercial 75 SkyVac Gutter Vacuum Cleaner
    SkyVac - Commercial 75 (Wet & Dry)
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  • Industrial 85 SkyVac Gutter Vacuum Cleaner
    SkyVac - Industrial 85 (Wet Dry)
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