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The EN 60335-2-69 standard for Europe and the worldwide IEC 60335-2-69 standard have been incorporated into the new European standard and for the sake of clarity split vacuum cleaners into classes L, M, H and Atex Zone 22 as outlined: Class L removes 99% on non harmful dusts (dusts with OEL values >1mg/m³). Class M removes 99% of dust including all non-carcinogenic dusts including hardwood dust etc. Class H removes 99.95% of dusts including health endangering dusts, carcinogenic dust and dust contaminated with germs and bacteria. In addition only vacuum cleaners conforming to Class H are permitted to pick up asbestos dusts. ATEX, Zone 21 and Zone 22 rated vacuums should be used when working in potentially explosive environments including flour mills, bakeries, oil works and anywhere with very fine dust. Kerrick's hazardous materials vacuum cleaners comply with the standards relevant to their class.

WorkSafe New Zealand has developed informative and easy to understand fact sheets on dealing with asbestos. Do not underestimate the dangers of working with substances like asbestos, lead and toner dust, Kerrick recommends you take all necessary precautions and consult with 3rd party specialists where required. For more information on the hazardous materials vacuum cleaners Kerrick has available in New Zealand contact us on 0800 253 774  to talk to a sales technician.

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  • Planet 22 S ATEX Vacuum Cleaner for Expolosive Dusts
    Planet 22 S ATEX Class Vacuum Cleaner
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  • 80L ATEX Vacuum Cleaner
    80 Litre ATEX Certified Vacuum Cleaner
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