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Planet 22 S ATEX Class Vacuum Cleaner

Sourced from Italy to provide value for money, the Planet 22 is ATEX certified, compact and logically laid out making it a great user friendly unit. Fully conductive, with a robust stainless steel tank, this ATEX vacuum cleaner is also lightweight and easy to use.

The single motor is electrically powered and mounted above the waste tank to give greater suction and improved air flow over traditional vacuum designs – which means you get work done faster and more efficiently. The Planet 22 S ATEX vacuum cleaner is suitable for high explosion risk areas such as mills, silos, woodwork industries, varnish industries and industrial body shops.

NOTE: When vacuuming up hazardous or explosive substances ensure you are working within the guidelines of the law, for further information visit www.business.govt.nz/worksafe.

Usage rating: Usage Rating 10
Vacuum Type Dry Only
Motor 1x 1200W, Flow thru
Voltage Single Phase, 230V 50Hz
Vacuum Airflow 3733l/m
Water Lift 2140mm
Filter Type Hepa
Filtration Level < 1 micron
Filter Cleaning Manual shaker
Tank 30L Stainless Steel
Solid Wheels 4
Toolset Size 38mm
Vacuum Intake Position Central with deflector
Cable Length 10.5m

  • ATEX rated to European standards
  • Robust stainless steel (430) tank
  • Fully conductive parts and tooling
  • Filtration and flow control system
  • HEPA (H14) filters on both sides of the motor for (filtering the cooling air and exhausted air)
  • Braked wheels

1 Year Commercial Warranty NZ

1 Year Commercial Warranty NZ

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