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Ecospital High Filtration Vacuum Cleaner

The Ecospital is an antibacterial high filtration vacuum cleaner designed for use in clean room and hospital environments. It is also popular with people who suffer from allergies and need a vacuum cleaner that can efficiently trap dirt and pollen minimizing harmful exposure. With powerful suction of 3500 l/min and four stage filtration (a Sanifilter, disposable paper bag and two Hepa filters, one before and after the motor) you can be sure pollen, viruses, bacteria, fungi and micro parasites are securely contained. In addition this hospital grade vacuum cleaner and its hose are made from antibacterial plastic for added protection. The Ecospital is certified for use in electromedical fields according to IEC/EN 60/601-1. It’s also a low noise machine (64 dBa), has a bag full indicator light and an onboard tool caddy. Limited Stock Available. Call Us For A Deal!


Usage rating: Usage Rating 10
Vacuum Type Dry Only
Motor 1x 1300W, Flow thru
Voltage Single Phase, 230V 50Hz
Vacuum Airflow 3500l/m
Water Lift 2870mm
Filter Type Hepa
Filtration Level < 1 micron
Tank 27L
Castor Wheels 4
Toolset Size 36mm
Vacuum Hose Length 2.5m
Cable Length 8m
Noise Level 64dB

  • 99.7% Hepa filter
  • Low Noise levels 64 dB(A) 
  • 36mm tool kit and onboard tool caddy
  • Bag full pilot light
  • Furniture bumper base
  • Electriacl cable stowage hook

  • Paper bags (VP00147)
  • Hard floor brush tool

1 Year Commercial Warranty NZ

1 Year Commercial Warranty NZ

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