Industrial Hot & Cold Pressure Washer Trailer With Waste Water Recovery System

Truck Wash Trailer Back
Industrial Wash Down Work Just Got Serious.

Designed with the concept of wash down and maintenance work in mind, Kerrick’s latest pressure washer trailer steps things up a notch from the hire style water blaster trailers we’ve built lately.

The industrial, heavy duty nature of the work that would be carried out, meant this pressure washer system needed to be able to stand up to the harshest of environments and seriously heavy duty work.

The trailer features two industrial grade Honda V-twin engines coupled to two heavy duty Hawk pumps running at 3000psi @ 21lpm. A 450 litre water tank was mounted onto the trailer and connected via float valve and 30m of low pressure hose on a galvanized reel. The low pressure hose can then be connected to a garden tap on-site, allowing the tank to be filled as required.

Kerrick supplied a 40l chemical tank and low pressure chemical venturi’s to allow the application of a Kerrick’s detergent. A Firebox Boiler unit was fitted to one machine, giving operators the option to use hot water for the particularly difficult cleaning jobs or cold water for general cleaning. Hot water systems like this are ideal for carrying out sanitation work, removing road film and dissolving fats, greases and sticky residues. In addition a 3.6kva Honda generator was supplied to run the Firebox boiler as well as a Kerrick Pump Out vacuum cleaner which would be used for situations where wastewater recovery is required.

Two galvanized hose reels with 50m high pressure hoses and two gun and lances were also fitted allowing multiple operators to work at any one time. Mounted onto a custom built, galvanised, single axle braked trailer, there’s no doubt this pressure washer trailer has the capacity to last the long haul.

This design is ideal for operators working in heavy industry such as demolition, construction, bridge and tower maintenance etc. To find out more about how Kerrick can custom build equipment for your industry get in touch with your local sales team. 


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Truck Wash Trailer Front

Industrial Pressure Washer Trailer for Commercial Wash Down Work.


Truck Wash Trailer Side

Trailer Pressure Washer Hose Reels, Boiler, 450L Tank & Motors.

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