Puddle Suckers (Waste Water Runoff Control)

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Contain Waste Water With Ease

The Puddle Sucker does exactly what it says it does - it sucks puddles! These nifty little devices are lightweight, highly portable, easy to use and have been designed to fit most wet/dry two motor vacuum cleaners

They are ideal for situations where water recovery is required or when you aren’t allowed to let wastewater runoff into stormwater drains. Simply place the Puddle Sucker in a puddle, connect it to a wet/dry vac and get on with your waterblasting knowing that your wastewater is being dealt with as you go and there won't be a big mess to deal with after the job. 

Working in a large area with large quantities of water? No problem, any number of these can be connected together with vacuum hose and PVC T section joiners. Multiple units can be connected together on Vacuum recovery trucks to cover extra large areas when multiple operators are water blasting.

Puddle Suckers are ideal for waste water recovery in:

  • Car parks
  • Construction sites
  • Factories
  • Basements

Let’s face it Council and Environmental laws are constantly changing and trying to find a way to pump and divert water when you’re on the job is a nightmare that nobody needs. The Kerrick Puddle Sucker has been designed with this in mind and is consequently easy to use and environmentally friendly.

Can you afford not to have a Puddle Sucker? Contact us today for more details. 

Kerrick reference: VPVACDISC

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Puddle Sucker

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