Examining Hughes Pumps Range of Ultrabar UHP Pumps


In addition to the hugely successful, recently introduced Ultrabar 30 pump (30 lpm at 3000 bar), Hughes Pumps also manufacture smaller UHP pumps for spot blasting, stripping small areas or where space or fresh water is at a premium, for example offshore.

The Ultrabar 10 produces 10 lpm at 2600 bar & is ideal for small or difficult to reach areas. Gun reaction force is only 8 kg which makes the gun feel weightless when stripping decks or floors. This unit is shown in the above photo.

The Ultrabar 15 produces 14 pm at 2750 bar & is suited to more industrial work.

All three units can be supplied with electric motors or industrial engines suitable for use in any region of the world, Zone 1 or 2 electric motors or Zone 2 diesel engines.

Later this year Hughes Pumps will launch the Ultrabar 40 & Ultrabar 66 pumps with performances of 40 lpm at 3000 bar & 66 lpm at 3000 bar respectively.

Kerrick are the sole suppliers of Hughes Pumps in New Zealand and Australia and have the ability to build equipment to suit your needs. Our ability to custom build gear and our years of local industry knowledge is backed by Hughes specialist knowledge of working at ultra high pressures. Together we have the ability to tackle all manner of cleaning tasks from blasting ship hulls in preparation for coatings to removing crust build ups at smelters, we've got you covered. So get in touch to discuss your project and we'll help you find the cleaning solution you need.

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