A Healthy Workforce is a Productive Workforce


You don’t have to be a Doctor to understand that a healthy workforce is a productive workforce. Commercial cleaners are exposed to an array of bacteria, viruses, mould, pollens and dust on daily basis. Symptoms as simple as hay fever can have a substantially negative impact on the speed and efficiency with which operators can get work done. Work completed slowly and not up to standard can have a direct impact on your businesses’ bottom line and also your reputation - not to mention the personal lives of your staff.

At Kerrick we take health and safety seriously which is why the cloth filters for our commercial grade vacuum cleaners all come with Sanifilters that have the FibroFiltre Treatment seal. Created by a group of scientists working in the medical industries, the FibroFiltre Treatment is known internationally for its effectiveness as an antimicrobial.

We also sell a range of hazardous materials and white room vacuum cleaners such as the Ecospital and White R which are ideal for situations where staff may be exposed to higher than normal levels of viruses and bacteria such as hospitals, laboratories, rest homes and schools. These vacuums are equipped with 4 stage filtration (with H13 class HEPA filters) which means they capture and contain 99.95% of all the nasty waste your vacuum sucks up (unlike standard L Class filters that release many of the tiny particulates back into the atmosphere for operators to breath in).

In addition we also sell specialist certified H Class hazardous materials vaccums including the Pulsar 515 and Pulsar 429 which are popular with those in the Asbestos decontamination industry as well as those in the print industry as its ideal for picking up ink waste which is carcinogenic.

Minimising your staff’s exposure to harmful waste and allergens not only improves their health (both in the short and long term) but protects your business and allows your workforce to perform at their peak.

For more information or to receive a quote on any of our specialist white room vacuums, hospital vacuums or hazardous materials vacuums give us a call on 0800 253 774 or send through an enquiry via the website.

Note: We also sell a range of personal protective equipment for those in the water blasting and jetting industries (click on the bold text to view the products). 

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