Botany Downs Secondary College Touches Lives in Fiji


Kerrick recently donated a single phase electric water blaster to Botany Downs Secondary College to assist them in the charitable service work they planned to carry out on a tour to their sister school, Lelean Memorial School, in Suva Fiji. The school is one of the largest co-ed schools in Fiji and was established in 1943.

This incredible group of Botany Downs Secondary College students and teachers planned to enhance the relationship with their sister school through:

  • Visiting the school for the third time with the largest group of 24 students and 7 staff members as well as an ex-student.
  • Presentation of library books (new and used) to Lelean Memorial School library.
  • Presentation of second-hand clothing to the boarding students.
  • Presentation of portable power tools, Kerrick water blaster, x-box and educational games and other equipment.
  • Clean concrete interiors and exterior courtyards.
  • Presentation and set-up of 25 computers in their computer room and faculty offices.
  • Paint the interior walls of the Lelean Memorial School wood workshop and service all workshop benches.
  • Painting part of the dining room and gifting the remainder of paint to the Industrial Arts department.

The trip helped to provide students with an opportunity to learn about and experience the Fijian way of life. The students also had the opportunity to witness the Lelean Memorial School U15 and U17 rugby teams play.

Aside from working with the School, the Botany Downs team visited the Dilkusha Girls Home orphanage. The home is situated next to Lelean Memorial School and has 24 students (all girls except for a 7 month old baby boy by the name of Father Joe).

The Botany Downs team took about 40 boxes of books, clothes, lollies, chocolate and toys for these students. The New Zealanders said that it was one of the highlights of the trip and they thoroughly enjoyed playing with the students from the home.

The electric water blaster that Kerrick donated was used by the students to clean pavements and play areas around the school. Once cleaning work was completed, the water blaster was donated to the school to assist them in carrying out maintenance well into the future. 

Kerrick wasn’t the only business to come on board and support Botany Downs Secondary College in their charitable work.  Bunnings supplied over 200 litres of free paint. PPS Industries kindly donated sand paper for both hand sanding and for the machines, plus masks gloves and paint brushes. Dunkin Donuts also came on board assisting with raising the food fund while the students were in Suva.

The Lelean Memorial school principal, board of trustees, teachers and students made the Botany Downs students feel very much part of their set-up through their friendliness and very warm hospitality. The contribution that the students made towards the service activities at Lelean Memorial School were admired and much talked about by the local Fijian community.

In conclusion the 2015 Fiji Service trip was a great success. The positive attitude and enthusiasm shown by students during the trip was second to none. The trip also helped to enhance and cement friendships and teach students about life overseas.  The school can be immensely proud of the students and staff who took part in making this trip happen and the wonderful outcome that was achieved. 

Story courtesy of Dean Camp, Botany Downs Secondary College.

Hard at Work Helping the School

Hard at Work Using Donated Resources to Help the School.

Botany Downs Secondary College Team

The Botany Downs Secondary College Team.

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