Buyer Beware: Unrealistic Quoting of Jetting Equipment


We've started to hear rumblings in the industry of late that start – up companies have been landing themselves in trouble when purchasing high pressure jetting machines. As wise people do customers are shopping around to find the best deal in the market place. What they're finding is it that there are one or two suppliers that can build or supply a jetting machine for a fraction of the price compared to what the rest of the market is quoting.

What these customers may not realise is that the machines that are quoted are being spec’d so that they are cheap to produce but when you do the calculations...don't work any better than your average garden hose. A simple example of an item on a dodgy quote would be an unloader that is spec’d for 30 lpm on a machine that delivers flows of 50 lpm. If we spec’d our machines the same way we could match their prices or do them for cheaper, but we’re not in the business of ripping people off!

While those who've been in the industry a while will smell a rat, start ups are being sucked in by the price and buying dud machines. If it’s too good to be true....get a second opinion from someone who knows more about the science of jetting than you do. When shopping around discuss your needs with the supplier and get them to do the jetting calculations with you, to see if the machine they’re quoting you for will do the job you require. Also be sure to read every line of the quote to check that the items on it match up with the final product you've been promised.

Kerrick has been at is since 1937. We know what works. We've been in business this long because we’re down to earth, practical and honest Kiwis. If you’re looking to purchase a jetter call your local branch on 0800 2 KERRICK and set up a meeting with one of our sales staff. Our staff are fully trained and can walk you through the machines we supply and the specifications and tools required to carry out various types of work. Our staff also have access to a range of jetting calculators to make sure that you end up with the right product for the job. At Kerrick we stand by our machines and provide them with warranties that you can rely on (if it ever comes to that).

When looking for a new rig keep in mind that cheaper isn't always better, in fact it could cost you more in the long run.

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