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Here at Kerrick we've always stood by our products and believed them to be a worthy investment. We've been in the game since 1937 and have retained the good old fashioned Kiwi notion that it’s better to provide customers with quality products that they'll need to replace less often and gain their respect...than it is to make a quick buck off them by selling cheaper less reliable products.

We believe that if we talk to our customers and figure out where their real needs lie we can provide them with a water blastervacuum cleanerdrain cleaner or pump that will meet their needs and provide great value for money over its lifetime.

In the last year we've had a number of reviews unexpectedly come through the website in the form of enquiries for replacement parts and machines. We've always thought we sold quality commercial and industrial cleaning equipment, but to have so many clients come back to us and tell us they've had our machines for 20+ years really gives us an excuse to hold our heads high. Below are just some of the reviews that have come through our website, we've removed the names and contact details to honour the privacy of our clients.



Region:  Penrose Auckland

Question or comment: Could you please email the price of the Yes Play 202 vacuum, I have had one for years and used them in my cleaning business when I was a franchisee of a large cleaning company and it’s a fantastic little machine.

Region:  Greenlane Auckland

Question or comment: Hi, Have had a Kerrick Vaccuum Cleaner for 24 years - unfortunately it has just died - Best Cleaner ever! Can you please provide information/pricing for Vegas 202 or any other vacuum suitable for domestic use Thanks for your assistance

Region:  Canterbury

Question or comment: Hi, can you please give me a price on the Kerrick Yes Play 202? My friend has had one for 15 years and says it’s the best she’s ever had!

Region: Waikato

Question or comment: Hi.I have owned my kerrick Vacume cleaner for 12 years and now needs parts, it's been great. Model ROKY115, require a new hose and new head for it please. Thankyou

Region: Miramar, Wellington

Question or comment: Hi, Our Kerrick v.cleaner has finally "hit the dust" after 30 years use.
So reliable, that I would like to replace with the same brand again. Could you please advise the price for a Yes Play 215 + 12 bags (VP00147/2) and if you have the vacuum cleaner in stock at your Petone branch.  Many thanks

Region: Rangiora

Question or comment: We bought a wet & dry vacuum cleaner years ago off one of your salesmen, its been truly a great machine. Its a plastic bodied wet & dry sticker details:- Soteco Roky 115 1000watt 1200watts max. We require a new head attachment for vacuuming carpet & vynil so can you email us a price inclusive of GST & freight and your bank details so we can pay you. Regards.

Region: Kaiapoi, North Canterbury

Question or comment: Good Afternoon. I am looking for a reliable vacuum cleaner with good suction. My parents have had a Kerrick for 20+ years & it still works like new. I have 2 children, a golden retriever & 2 cats (one longhair) so need it to have great suction & ability to collect hair off the carpet. Please can you advise on what models you would recommend and prices.  Many Thanks

Region: Whakatane

Question or comment: How much for a 2.4 m hose for a Kerrick Lava Hyqua Vac with a machine end fitting. Bought machine 20 years ago

Region: Cook Islands

Question or comment: Please quote us on the following vaccums: ROKY 103 and the Micro Plus Hospitality plus freight to the Cook Islands.  Would you be able to source carbon brushes for ROKY 103 that has finally failed on us after nearly 15 years!

State / Region: OHIO / USA

Question or comment: Looking for a a parts list for some older Kerrick wet / dry vacuums. Not sure who to contact. I can send a picture of what I need if that helps. Fisher / Paykel of NZ supplied us with these some years ago and they've been worth their weight in gold.

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