Distributor Spotlight: Aitkenhead Distributors Ltd (Waikato)


The Spotlight this week lands on Aitkenhead Distributors Ltd, runner ups in the Kerrick Sports Sedan Competition, and a company that has been selling Kerrick products since 1984.

Growing steadily from humble beginnings in 1969, Aitkenhead Distributors Ltd are now one of the larger commercial and industrial cleaning suppliers in the Waikato region. They stock a large range of machinery and products that can accommodate even the most difficult of cleaning jobs. From washroom systems to brushware and floor polishers they have the range and invaluable industry knowledge to help you choose the product you need.

Aitkenhead Distributors Ltd carries a good range of dry commercial and wet/dry commercial vacuum cleaners from Kerrick’s range including: the Yes Play 202, Roky 115, Roky 105 and Roky 423. The vacuum range also includes some unique models, as their business is strong in the Industrial sector. In addition to vacuums, they carry a large line up of commercial carpet extractors and shampoo machines, from the Sabrina and Sabrina Maxi, through to the self contained units like the Sharon Brush and Elite Silent. Kerrick is proud to be associated with such a long standing and professional company who has been selling our products for so long they know them almost as well as we do. To view their website click on their name.

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