Help Your NZ Business Reach New Heights With A SkyVac


The SkyVac system is revolutionizing the way New Zealanders carry out cleaning at extreme heights, as it allows operators to do so from the safety of the ground. The SkyVac system reduces risk to the operator (no chance of falling from heights), eliminates the need for costly cherry pickers and scaffolding and importantly cleans gutters quickly and efficiently.
The Kerrick SkyVacuum also enables customers to operate a ‘Stand Alone’ gutter cleaning / high reach cleaning business that can be run by a single operator.

The Commercial 75 and Industrial 85 come with a wireless video feature that provides operators with before and after footage of gutters or other high reach difficult to view areas, ensuring cleaning work is carried out properly. Manufactured in Italy the three products are now available throughout New Zealand and all come with high reach, lightweight carbon fibre poles plus a range of useful tools and accessories.

SkyVacuum Internal 30: A commercial grade dry vacuum, designed to clean building interiors and provide access to roofs, air conditioning vents and signage. It allows operators to safely carry out cleaning at extreme heights and across awkward spaces like stairwells and escalators.

SkyVacuum Commercial 75: A commercial grade wet and dry vacuum that provides a portable, safe and OH&S compliant way to clean commercial and domestic gutters. With two motors and powerful suction it has the ability to quickly eat away at moss, mud and debris that build up over time in gutters.

SkyVacuum Industrial 85: This industrial grade wet and dry vacuum cleaner provides safe and easy gutter vacuuming solutions on a commercial and industrial scale. The powerful 2 motor wet dry vacuum quickly eats away at moss, mud and debris that build up over time in gutters, making it ideal for heavy duty use on domestic and commercial properties, retail outlets, factories, schools, offices and hospitals.

You can watch the video demonstration and set-up instructions here. Improve safety and reduce costs – take your business to new heights with the SkyVac. Do you want to know more about this great new vacuum cleaner range? Call us today on 0800 253 774 or drop into your local branch, our team can provide live demonstrations and offer training to all customers who purchase the product.

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