Kerrick Attends Training on Sabertooth SRT-100


In late August Kerrick’s Chief Engineer and two of our key sales personnel attended training on the Sabertooth SRT -100 in Sydney, Australia. One of StoneAge’s latest products to the market, the Sabertooth SRT-100 was developed as a powerful alternative to the manual lancing of tube bundles like those found in industrial heat exchangers and evaporators. This system automates the cleaning process, increasing both safety and efficiency, yet remains flexible, portable and fast. The purpose of the training, run by Hugh Hogan of StoneAge, was to provide an understanding of the new ultra high pressure technology now available to an industry which prides itself on safety and reliability.

Paul Crosbie from Kerrick who attended the training commented, “This new technology will ensure safety in an area that is known to be extremely dangerous and where down time needs to be kept to an absolute minimum. The Sabertooth will speed up this process and keep operators safe.”

Watch the video below for more information on the Sabretooth SRT-100.

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