Whirlaway Cleaner Making Things Easier at Local Swimming Pool


Kerrick has been owned and operated by the Schofield family since 1937. Recently James Schofield, Managing Director, noticed one of our products being used at his local Glenn Innes swimming pool and took the opportunity to talk to the operator and find out more about his clients.

As can be seen in the image above the operator was using an 18” Whirlaway Surface Cleaner to clean dimpled, non-slip tiles along the pool’s edge as well as the concrete and tiled walkways and areas around the pool. He mentioned that he also used the surface cleaner for general facilities management including cleaning the plant room floor where all the pumps etc were housed as well as the bathrooms. When asked how he came by the Whirlaway and whether he liked it, Mr. Schofield was pleasantly surprised by the man’s response as he raved about the ‘young chap’ who sold it to him and then about how it was less labour intensive and sped up his cleaning time. Traditionally the cleaning of pool areas is done by hand scrubbing or using a broom. What he liked most about the Whirlaway was that he didn't need to spend as much time on his hands and knees scrubbing the floor, which used to put a lot of strain on his joints and back. It also sped up his cleaning time so he was able to move onto other jobs much quicker than before and was able to take advantage of low periods of swimmer demand.

The 18” Whirlaway was operating off an old Kerrick WashDown RFE1512-T water blaster running at 10 bar with a flow of 12 l/min. Apparently they had had the water blaster for a number of years and were really impressed with the water blaster. Which is part of the reason, he said, that they ended up buying the surface cleaner from Kerrick, as they felt it would be a reliable investment.

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