Water Blaster for Roof and Property Maintenance


An Auckland based Roof and Property Maintenance Contractor approached Kerrick with a need for a quality, yet fairly priced, heavy duty water blaster. This Contractor had worked for an existing customer of ours and decided to branch out on his own. Given his knowledge of the industry and experience working with Kerrick in the past he approached us with a request for a unit that was powerful enough to clean lichen, moss, and other debris from roofs, walls, paving and decks, and also compact enough to fit into this van and to negotiate tight areas.

Kerrick custom built a water blaster equipped with a 16hp Briggs & Stratton Vanguard motor coupled via a gearbox to a low speed Interpump pump producing 3000 psi at 21l/m. The water blaster was then mounted onto a custom roll frame that offered extra protection to the unit given the nature of the work that would be carried out. The roll frame was fitted with a 40l header tank to ensure the longevity of the pump in that it could never starved of water. The water blaster was also modified to take castor wheels with brakes on the front, for increased maneuverability in confined spaces.

In addition Kerrick supplied 30m of hose allowing the client to easily reach all areas of a property without having to continually move the machine.
The Property Maintenance Contractor was extremely happy with the unit and is adamant Kerrick will be the only ones supplying/servicing his machines.

For more information on this build and other water blasters available contact Kerrick via the website and we’ll get back to you within 1 working day.

Kerrick reference: ZJOB 2480 

Water Blaster for Roof Cleaner 2

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