Hydro Excavating for Pipe Lines

Skevingtons now offers New Zealand's largest hydro excavator. The speed at which this machine completes tasks has to be seen to be believed. It took nine months to build and three months to make its way to New Zealand from Canada by sea. 

The excavator has been used across a range of work including the Christchurch earthquake rebuild, setting up for the Ultrafast Broadband Network and speeding up jobs on mine sites to reduce downtime. Whilst the hydro excavation rig was built in Canada, Kerrick supplies the Skevington team with the Monro-Jet excavation nozzles it needs to carry out daily work.

The video below shows a demonstration of the unit carrying out work in the South Island to locate pipes, using Kerrick’s nozzles. Hydro excavation is frequently used when locating pipelines as unlike diggers it poses much less risk of damaging pipes. For more information on the tooling and nozzles Kerrick has for hydro excavation as well as details on the rigs that we can build call Kerrick on 0800 253 774 or contact us via the website


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