Removing Glue from Screens at Panel Board Mill

A client producing laminated timber panel board for the building industry, approached Kerrick with a request to build a high pressure cleaner that would save them time and money on a day to day basis. In the daily production process stainless steel mesh frames are used to support the panels. A sticky glue residue sticks to the mesh frames when the boards are removed, causing a lot of down time as the frames need to be cleaner properly before they can be reused.

Previously, the process for removing the industrial glue compound included expensive chemicals and high labour input. This was not only costly, but it was limiting factory output. Kerrick initiated tests using ultra high pressure to clean the screens. This proved to be very effective and showed the company that using high pressure water would solve their problem. Kerrick was given the go ahead to design and build a high pressure water blaster.

Demonstrations of the unit being tested can be seen in the video below. For more details on this unit or to discuss your specific needs with the team at Kerrick call us on 0800 253 774 or contact us via the website.


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