What’s the Difference Between Fan Nozzles, Rotary Nozzles & Vario Nozzles


Fan nozzles come in 0°, 15°, 25° and 40° sizes, they do up to  and are commonly colour coded or available in stainless steel or brass componentary.

The 40° fan nozzles produces a wide spray pattern and is commonly colour coded white. It emits a reasonably low pressure, making it ideal for use on items like boats, cars, stucco and windows, which can be easily damaged, so need to be cleaned with care.

The 25° fan nozzle produces a good mid-strength spray pattern and is typically colour coded green. These mid-duty water blaster nozzles are good for general purpose cleaning like removing mud, dirt and mould from bricks, paving and decking.

The 15° fan nozzle, usually colour coded yellow, produces a tight, high pressure spray that quickly blasts away dirt and debris. This high pressure nozzle is great for heavy duty cleaning work such as concrete cleaning, paint striping and removing oxidation and grease from equipment and floors.

The 0° nozzle is the most high pressure nozzle of all. Commonly colour coded red the high pressure pencil jet emitted by the 0° nozzle should be used for precision industrial cleaning only. This nozzle is typically used to remove tar, glues, rust, resins and barnacles. If used incorrectly, this nozzle can cause catastrophic damage if used incorrectly, safety clothing must be worn at all times and a small inconspicuous area of the item to be cleaned tested before general cleaning with the nozzle begins.

In addition to the nozzles mentioned above as black soaper nozzle is available. This nozzle has the widest spray pattern and most gentle output. This nozzle is ideal for detergent application as the low pressure doesn’t blast the detergent off the surface being cleaned.


Rotary nozzles are known by a number of different names around the world including Turbo nozzles, Roto nozzles or Rotor nozzles. This type of nozzle produces a rotating, conical spray that pulses, the cone pattern covers a large area, while the rotating, pulsation action results in a deep clean. Rotary Nozzles increase your water blasters cleaning efficiency and are ideal for the heavy duty cleaning of wide, flat areas like driveways, flooring, roof tops, brickwork and stripping paint.

Note always start the machine with the rotary nozzle facing downwards to prevent injuries and also damage occurring to the nozzle.


Vario Nozzles, commonly called Multi-Reg Nozzles are adjustable multi-purpose nozzles that allow operators to adapt quickly to changes in environment with a simple twist of their nozzle.
The ability to change the spray pattern and intensity from wide angle to pencil jet and everything in between, allows operators to easily deal with sudden changes in the surface they are cleaning e.g. going from brick to stucco walls or having to deal with heavy soilage such as an oil stain on a concrete floor.

Kerrick carries a full range of nozzles in store, as well as the more specialist hydro-excavation nozzles, ultra high pressure nozzles and drain cleaning nozzles. To find out more talk to your friendly local sales rep. or get in touch via the website. You might also find Kerrick's Pressure Selection Guide a useful resource to keep on hand. 

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