Trailer Mounted Pressure Cleaner for Roading Contractors


Kerrick was approached by a roading contractor working on the construction of a major State Highway bypass route north of Auckland. The contractor required a heavy duty yet compact, mobile pressure cleaner that could be used to quickly wash down dusty and often muddy diggers, compactors, vehicles and other equipment.

Taking this information on board Kerrick built a trailer mounted pressure cleaner that could be easily towed onto site, disconnected and moved with ease by a single operator. The pressure cleaner ran at 3000 psi with a flow of 21 l/min with a stainless steel, Italian Hawk pump driven by a 13HP Honda petrol engine and gear box. The pressure and flow combination provided the contractor with powerful and effective cleaning, while the quality componentary ensured the pressure cleaner could handle heavy duty use and rough conditions.

The trailer was fitted with a compact 100 litre water tank and two hose reels, mounted with 100 meters of 2-wire high pressure hose and 30 meters of ¾” low pressure feeder hose. The long lengths of hose allow flexibility in both filling the tank and in the ability to move freely around vehicles and equipment whilst cleaning. In addition the smaller tank also meant the trailer could be towed whilst filled and still moved around by a single operator, giving the contractor freedom and minimizing the number of staff required to carry out cleaning work.

The trailer mounted pressure washer was equipped with a gun, lance and nozzle combination ideal for equipment wash down, as well as a conveniently placed gun holder, that protected the units accessories.

Kerrick reference: ZJOB2449 

Note: Kerrick's brand new range of personal protective equipment can be seen in the background - providing safety at pressures of up to 7500 psi (500 bar).

Trailer Mounted Pressure Cleaners for Roading Contractors

Trailer Mounted Pressure Cleaners for Roading Contractors.

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